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Why Advertise Online

In the sophisticated and yet immature Romanian media market, smart consumers expect retailers to have an online presence. There were 7.58 Million Romanians online in 2010. Eighty-four percent of online Romanians visited News and Information sites in March. Sport websites (sub-category of News and Information) had over 2.8 million unique visitors.
(Source: Gemius, “Do you CEE? – The Internet Market in Central and Eastern Europe in 2010”, Daedalus, “Digital Diary” 2011)


Studies show that visitors to websites are more likely to trust advertising from “big brand” websites than from other types of websites. We offer a loyal, desirable and engaged audience. Expand your advertising reach and frequency by tapping into the most comprehensive sports club site, As a leading Romanian online destination for sports news, entertainment, educational material, sports history, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, provides a full range of creative advertising solutions to reach your target audience starting at as little as 1000 RON!


Dinamo Bucharest Sports Club website has an audience too large to ignore!

Why Advertise With Us: Studies Show…

Advertisers have discovered that, as Internet destinations and advertising choices abound, it is more important than ever to put their best message in front of their best customers.

For 77% of Romanian Adults 18+ the Internet is an essential part of life today.

Sports related websites have been gaining momentum over the past several years, evolving from occasional, supplemental sources of information to popular news destinations in their own right.

Sports websites deliver timely, convenient and accessible news and information from a trusted source.

That's why continues to gain momentum and is the place to be for trust, reliability, results and customer service...

Why Advertise With Us: Unique Selling Propositions

By advertising with Dinamo brand, you can have confidence that your message will be delivered.

BENEFITS: Your ads appear within a highly trusted context, reach a qualified audience, and leverage unique marketing opportunities.

Delivering Your Message

  • Content Destination Site - National in scope, local in ability connecting with an affluent and Internet savvy audience
  • Surround your brand with credible editorial content from a trusted media provider
  • Integrate your brand within customized content designed specifically to meet your campaign's objective
  • Extend your campaign across multiple media platforms through the variety of media assets offered by CS Dinamo
  • Plan your campaign to meet high reach, or targeted placement objectives

Unique Selling Propositions

  • Surround your brand with credible editorial content from a trusted consumer brand.
  • Content Destination Site - Providing local information on demand to consumers
  • Placement within genre content - communities of interest
  • Ability to connect with an affluent and Internet savvy audience
  • Integrate your brand within customized content designed specifically to meet your campaign's objective
  • Extend your campaign across multiple media platforms through the variety of media offered by Dinamo
  • Plan your campaign to meet high reach, or targeted placement objectives

Why Advertise With Us: Measuring Results

CS Dinamo uses professional tools within a comprehensive web-based ad management platform that enables Dinamo to manage online ad serving and reporting. These tools streamline your ad management functions and allow you to generate ever-greater advertising margins. With us, you will:

  • Make better decisions with comprehensive forecasting and decision-support tools.
  • Improve campaign performance and client satisfaction with detailed and actionable reporting.
  • Differentiate your inventory with advanced targeting capabilities and the ability to traffic a variety of rich media campaigns with ease.
  • With built-in targeting capabilities, our platform offers you an unlimited array of targeting criteria to ensure you get the right message, to the right person, at the right time, on the right device. This allows you to segment audiences for targeting different creative based on domain, geography, operating system, browser and time of day/day of week using the largest, most comprehensive database of mapped IP addresses available in the industry.


Advertising Formats


Please contact our Advertising Department if you require further information regarding our Technical Specifications.


Program Competitional

Săptămâna 19-25 iulie 2021


Joi, 22 iulie

FOTBAL. Honduras - România (ora 14:00)

Vineri, 23 iulie

Festivitatea de deschidere: ora 14:00 (TVR 1)

CANOTAJ. Serii în probele de dublu vâsle masculin (ora 4:30 în România) și dublu vâsle feminin (ora 5:00)


Sâmbătă, 24 iulie

BASCHET 3x3 feminin: România – China (ora 4:40); România – Japonia (ora 8:25)

GIMNASTICĂ. Calificări masculin (ora 4:00)

BOX. Feminin, turul 1 – tabloul de 32 (ora 5:00)

CICLISM. Cursa de șosea, masculin (ora 5:00)

SCRIMĂ. Sabie masculin și spadă feminin (începând cu ora 3:00)

CANOTAJ. Recalificări la dublu vâsle masculin și dublu vâsle feminin (ora 3:30); Serii la dublu rame feminin (ora 3:50), dublu rame masculin (ora 4:20), dublu vâsle categorie ușoară feminin (ora 4:50), 4 rame feminin (ora 5:50), 4 rame masculin (ora 6:10)

TIR. Pușcă 10 metri aer comprimat feminin (Laura Ilie), calificări (ora 2:30); finala (ora 4:45)

TENIS DE MASĂ. Turul 1 masculin și feminin – individual (ora 3:00), dublu mixt

Duminică 25 iulie

BASCHET 3x3 feminin: România – Italia (ora 4:40); România – SUA (ora 11:30)

GIMNASTICĂ. Calificări feminin – Larisa Iordache (ora 4:00) -

FOTBAL. România – Coreea de Sud (ora 14:00)

JUDO. Categoria 52 kg feminin (începând cu ora 5:00)

CANOTAJ. Recalificări la dublu rame masculin, dublu rame feminin (ora 3:40), dublu vâsle categorie ușoară (ora 4:20); Serii la 8+1 masculin (ora 5:00) și 8+1 feminin (ora 5:20).

ÎNOT. Serii la 200 de metri liber (ora 13:22) și la 100 m spate – Robert Glință (ora 14:19)

TENIS DE MASĂ. Dublu mixt – sferturi de finală (ora 4:00); turul 2 masculin și feminin – individual (ora 8:00)

Agrement Tenis de Masa

Agrement Natație



Plățile se pot face și prin transfer bancar

Beneficiar: Clubul Sportiv Dinamo București

Banca Transilvania

Swift: BTRLRO22

Cod client: 3926194

Cont curent (ron): RO85BTRLRONCRT0392619401

Accesarea serviciilor oferite de CS Dinamo (inițiere sportivă, agrement...) se va face pe baza extrasului de cont (printat).

• Program casierie în zilele de 1 și 2 iulie: până la ora 12:00, plățile se vor face la casieria din sediul central sau prin transfer bancar; după ora 12:00 este deschisă casieria din incinta bazinului acoperit.  În zilele de 3 și 4 iulie, programul casieriei de la bazinul acoperit este 8:00 - 20:00.

• Începând cu data de luni, 5 iulie, plățile pentru accesul în bazinele CS Dinamo se vor face doar la casieria bazinului acoperit pe toată perioada zilei.


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